Happy New Year 2020

Its the year of the RAT! Happy Lunar New Year 2020.

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NY Times

NY Times Weddings

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Procreate doodle

It seems I can't make up my mind, and why should I? Just doodling is part of the process of creating.
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October Days fall 2019

Took my MICA Sophomore Illustration class to Baltimore's Garden.

We do posters from this experience that get exhibited in Jan-Feb 2020.

I always enjoy coming to the botanical gardens. It's a small place, but filled with textures and colors and varying sizes.  Gardeners are such amazing artists.

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Photos taken with my iphone.

Sophomore 1 class Fall 2019

Sophomore 1 class Fall 2019

Back at the studio

collage workshop


summer pics

The spot

Going out to dance!
I made it to Frank Lloyd Wright's  Fallingwater house.  It was everything I thought it would be.
Imagine living there for just a weekend, wowza!

Warm summer nights in Baltimore, hanging out with friends. First friday's at the Lithuanian dance hall.  That night I dance 5 miles!!!

Morning walk with Lucy

Lucy wiener wonder dog. Look at that silhouette shadow!


Relief Printmaking Process

Relief Print titled:
Four Women
limited edition of 12

Printed on Japanese
Mulberry Paper

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