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Bird Tree
Blank on the inside, each card is $2.50 plus shipping.
Each works well for the Fall and Winter season.

1. Bird Tree  Buy Here

2. Cardinal Bird  Buy Here

3. Playful Squirrel Buy here

© Heidi Younger

Coming Soon Doxie Christmas Cards.

Playful Squirrels



A beautiful, handsome guy who passed earlier this year. Grant is missed. I rarely do memorial artwork.

Lucy always meets cute boys.

Closed! What!!?? No cake?

My Birthday lacked the fancy cupcake. How sad!? Don't worry, I got something good.  Now I've got to hit the gym, or yoga studio.
Took my first HOT yoga, wow, that is not for sissys like me.

© Heidi Younger


3x3 Merit Award for Wienies

My doxie greeting card line got a Merit Award from the recent 3x3.
Thanks Judges!!

© Heidi Younger

These cards are available for sale on my etsy shop.
Click here



I love turtles!

© Heidi Younger


The Four Freedoms- Freedom of Worship

Freedom to Worship
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Worship
Freedom from Want
Freedom from Fear

This is my interpretation of Freedom to Worship.

© Heidi Younger


Happy Mothers Day

                              Happy Mother's Day all you Mom's out there... including dog mom's.

© Heidi Younger


Hire an Illustrator Ad

Other ad options, but the orange flower won out.
The rain boots was a close second.

© Heidi Younger