Hire an Illustrator Ad

Other ad options, but the orange flower won out.
The rain boots was a close second.

© Heidi Younger


Julian Allen Gallery

The Illustration Department at
MICA asked me and Joyce to exhibit our work.
It was fun and a bit exhausting to hang a show. Most of my work was from the last 5 years of illustrating for various clients. Joyce Hesselberth also had many illustrations from various clients, but also her amazing new children's book that was just recently published, Shape Shift.   Purchase here.

© Heidi Younger


Turnips are pretty

Another quick veggie painting. This time on paper using acrylic paint as watercolor.
© Heidi Younger


parsnip painting

Awesome cool vegetables bought at the local Asian Market, a perfect parsnip. Final Spring Break painting.

© Heidi Younger


New Gift Card

 New on my Etsy shop a blank gift card. Could be used for Birthday or Congratulations card or even an anniversary card.  Clear varnish on the present area giving a little shine right on the gift.
To Purchase click here

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Baltimore Mag

Hot off the presses.. March Issue

Even the pet cat has an opinion.

My newly adopted city, fitting because Baltimore is filled with art lovers!
Thanks Staci Lanham!

See online article click here.

Happy March!

© Heidi Younger


Happy New Year "Chinese"

2016 is the year of the Monkey!!

Happy New Year!

© Heidi Younger