Rest in Peace my Dear Friend

March 29 heaven received a new angel. My dear friend Joe passed quietly that night. It was sudden, he was home. He felt good as his text said 2 days earlier.

He has been a constant friend through out the decades.
A world traveler, always open to new experiences.
He loved life.



Blue Lagoon Iceland
He will be missed.


Happy New Year 2020

Its the year of the RAT! Happy Lunar New Year 2020.

© Heidi Younger


NY Times

NY Times Weddings

I am behind on updating my website. Bear w me....
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Procreate doodle

It seems I can't make up my mind, and why should I? Just doodling is part of the process of creating.
© Heidi Younger


October Days fall 2019

Took my MICA Sophomore Illustration class to Baltimore's Garden.

We do posters from this experience that get exhibited in Jan-Feb 2020.

I always enjoy coming to the botanical gardens. It's a small place, but filled with textures and colors and varying sizes.  Gardeners are such amazing artists.

© Heidi Younger

Photos taken with my iphone.

Sophomore 1 class Fall 2019

Sophomore 1 class Fall 2019

Back at the studio

collage workshop


summer pics

The spot

Going out to dance!
I made it to Frank Lloyd Wright's  Fallingwater house.  It was everything I thought it would be.
Imagine living there for just a weekend, wowza!

Warm summer nights in Baltimore, hanging out with friends. First friday's at the Lithuanian dance hall.  That night I dance 5 miles!!!

Morning walk with Lucy

Lucy wiener wonder dog. Look at that silhouette shadow!