yoga anyone?

Created for my Non-print editorial Illustration class. I wanted in on the fun.

© Heidi Younger


Snow Angel Doxie Cards

 Snow angel dachshund holiday cards
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This is exactly what a wiener dog does in the snow. Exuberant and playful, this pup is having a ball. Inside says ' Let it snow..."
Perfect holiday cards for wiener dog people.

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© Heidi Younger


Adirondack Peace

Lake Mirror

Miles and miles of driving led to a quiet, peaceful mountain retreat where the air and water are clean. Everyone vacationing were physically fit, doing all sorts of outdoor activities like jogging, kayaking, swimming, canoeing and of course hiking. 
Great food, and amazing views made this artist relax and create drawings/painting collages in my sketchbook.

In the distance was the purple colored Whiteface Mountain, giving perspective medophorically to our lives. The anchor to all those photos and drawings, that mountain of 4,865 feet high which was one of the skiing destinations during the 1980s winter Olympics. 

It was a blessing to wake up and peer out and see the waters reflecting the various lights of the day, the sun rising and dusk with the pinks, oranges and blues. Resident ducks quacked early in the day as if to greet another fine day.
Being in the mountains reminded me to be grateful for the cooler air and the amazing mother Earth.

A long drive back to Baltimore where the heat index was over 100’ at least I can smile having to escape the heat for a while.

Photos and artwork © Heidi Younger

On Whiteface Mt. August 2016


Experimental relief print gifs

© Heidi Younger 
A really strange use for relief prints....


Brandywine Museum

Heidi Younger and Joyce Hesselberth in NC Wyeth's studio
Captain Nemo NC Wyeth  1918
Visiting the beautiful Chadds Ford PA, home to The Brandywine museum and the studios of illustrator NC and Andrew Wyeth. A visual treat in both the  paintings but also the landscape. 
Illustrator Joyce Hesselberth and I drove up and spent the day enjoying this museum/studio. I love thinking about those Golden Day's of illustration where the famous Howard Pyle assembled his school in 1900. A school for illustration, known at the Brandywine  School. Some heavy hitters studied there,  besides NC  there were Frank Schoonover, Harvey Dunn, Violet Oakley, Elizabeth Shippen Green and Jessie Wilcox Smith and many more. We visited NC Wyeth's studio and home. Born in 1882 he died tragically in a car accident with his grand son in 1945. Many of his paintings are on display. His paintings and illustrations for famous books such as Treasure Island, which gave thin the financial resources to purchase his homestead and build his studio. Again a visual treat.

Studio Sink

The palette the day he died

Daughter's "doll" barn house

End paper illustration for Treasure Island 1911

close up from Treasure Island illustration 

NC Wyeth's personal works


Experimental Print- Veggies

Helps eliminate the fussiness of line that I sometimes struggle with.

© Heidi Younger