Working from China

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While teaching a 2 week workshop in two different cities in China, I also continued work on my weekly column for the NY Times.  It was a challenge with the Chinese giant firewall and uncertain wifi in the various hotels and schools I was at. And I did it!! Feeling accomplished for all the technical issues.

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Shanghai China

Guangzhou, China

Canton Tower, Guangzhou China
Beijing, China

Ray my Guangzhou host

Canton Tower in Guangzhou
Found "Heidi" Chocolate!

Hanhan and I enjoy a meal
My Shanghai hosts, Cindy and YeaH

Office cat


Latest Work

United Methodist Women

MOCO museum Amsterdam, me and Jari

Hot off the press, my cover illustration for United Methodist Women. I had a blast working on it. I love drawing different characters.

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From Amsterdam the MOCO museum, Lichtenstein's dimensional interpretation of Vincent's room.


30 years !

Thanks Everyone, the party was rocking, hard to believe that I've been a freelance illustrator for 3 decades.


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Meanwhile I took a trip and visited some amazing places, here are a few highlight photos.

Iceland, Blue Lagoon

Reykjavik Iceland
 Iceland is a land of contrasts.
Harsh environments, ancient lava flows, thermal pools, it stays light till 10:40 pm and the sun rises at something like 3 am.

Outside of Helsinki Finland

More outside of Helsinki Finland


Lisbon, Portugal

Watching the tourists


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Me taking a rest from all the walking, Amsterdam.

It stayed rather gray and gloomy during our visit. A few short sun peaks.

Reykjavik's population is only 60% of the countries 350,000.  Its like a small town.

Helsinki was warm and very green, it was summer for everyone who lived there.  Outside of the city we got glimps of the country life. 
Cheese was very yummy as was the grilled salmon at an open market in city center.

Lisbon was cool in temp. It also had a lot of illustrators and amazing street art. It was, truth be told, also very touristy.
Great coffee experiences!!!

What can I say, Amsterdam is a must see. Van Gogh museum, etc...
It was very warm and all the flowers were in bloom. My allergies kicked in. So I saw the city through itchy eyes and sneezing dripping nose.

Fun trip, but now happy to be back home.


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Non-balanced domestic work.
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