Sleeping Dachshund

Sleeping Lucy
New pen, new sketchbook, life is good in a cozy fall evening.
© Heidi Younger


They Draw and Cook - Maple Lime Seltzer beverage

2 oz. of “real” maple syrup, the juice half a lime and a can of seltzer, add ice and enjoy on a hot summer evening.

I finally was able to submit a recipe to the amazing blog They Draw and Cook.  Click and see.

Art work  © Heidi Younger



The Nocturnal Pink One

acrylic on panel 14 x18

Mysterious summer nights lit by the warm moon.

© Heidi Younger


Dachshund Birthday Cards available

My latest wiener dog greeting card will be available at Petmywiener.com  as well as my Etsy shop.
Inside says “ Happy Birthday” 
Profits go to help rescue Dachshunds in need. 
$2.49 each 

5.5 x 4.5 card with either a dark purple or tan envelope * please specify color

artwork © Heidi Younger


2015 Catholic Press Awards

I was pleasantly surprised when Art Director Jeanne Kortekamp sent me an email that an illustration I did for her at Franciscan Media won 1st place for the 2015 Catholic Press Awards.

Cool beans!!! 

© Heidi Younger

Catholic Press Awards


I Can Fly

My 4 year old cousin got an "I can Fly" painting. It was great to finally meet her. She's an awesome kid.
Big hugs to my cousins!!!  The Bernese mountain dog is also a cousin! Rigby!

© Heidi Younger


My secret photo-retouching life

Taken up high at the famous Rainbow Room this
photo was completely backlight, but I fixed that... plus a few other things, like the bags under my eyes, etc.                                                    

© Heidi Younger