Cricket Cover

 Last October I was commissioned by Cricket Magazine to design the cover for the Feb issue, the theme was the Frog and the Princess.
With their covers, the full spread reveals the "joke" in this case it was the frog tricked the princess for her magical kiss.
The contents page reveals the result.

Chosen sketch

I had to also provide a bio and a photo/image.
I wrote the bio for kids. Any time I have to write a bio I am stunted, I never know what to really write?   I draw, I like to draw. I like dogs and peanut butter.

I was glad to get the printed magazine this week.

© Heidi Younger
rejected sketch

bio page
Rio the mountain dog.

Rio can swiftly run up and down the 3 levels of stairs, she follows me everywhere.  Meanwhile 8 year old Lucy likes to stay in one spot and sleep. 
They do have their play sessions together and you wouldn't know that Lucy is 8. She can dog play like a puppy.
Rio and Lucy


NY Times Vows

Oh how big weddings break friendships, read about it here Click.

Print version  2/7/19


School Library Journal

Feb issue
© Heidi Younger


Book Lice

NY Times - unused

Book lice are practically in everyone's home, they live and eat old books, or papers. They are tiny, but red. If you see a tiny red speck moving in your old books, you should know you have them.

© Heidi Younger


Final Sweet Spot

Final Sweet Spot Illustration

The last column, a farewell note, read about it here Click.

I wanted to do a portrait of Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed, the Dear Sugars team, for our last NY Times column, but the other sketch was chosen, the parachute letters.

It was a fantastic illustration gig for me, a weekly column for a year plus, I am so grateful to have had such an awesome opportunity. All good things come to an end.  What will I do with the extra time?  I loved making gifs and will continue of course.   Happy New Year 2019.  Cheers


Sweet Spots from the past month

 Seeing your child in a new way.
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 The Babysitter and the Dad, such hot make-out sessions.
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Self expression writing yet unable too.  Read about it here  Click

© Heidi Younger


Sweet Spot NY Times

A hidden love, read about it here-  Click    © Heidi Younger


Lucy and Rio

Baltimore Harbor

A visitation

Me and Charles on Thanksgiving

Note my sweater!  Weiner dogs!