Boston Globe Op-Ed

 Only a few hours to work on this illustration for the Boston Globe's op-ed section.
About confidence in the democratic  system that voters have.

So they are basically a bunch of confident, happy voters leaving the local School's gym.

See the website click here

© Heidi Younger


Last week of October

 More Figure drawing....
Hugs with Lucy... and a rabbit drinking red wine....

Oh, a retarded bike move giving me a new facial scar...oy

© Heidi Younger



I've acquired a bunch more figure drawings to post in the last few weeks.
Some from ASL open session, most from Sunny's Bar.
Lots of fun.
© Heidi Younger


Fall is here

Happy October! The farmer's market brings all sorts of interesting squashes and veggies. I love to paint them on 5 x 7 wood panels using acrylic paint.
Here's the latest.
I am not sure how to cook this one? Any suggestions?

© Heidi Younger


MICA Lecture

This past week I traveled down to Baltimore to visit MICA The MFA Illustration Practice, to visit and critique Grad. Students and to give a lecture.  It was a great time, despite the rain. Thanks to Whitney Sherman and Joyce HesselberthLaurent Hrybyk, to to the many talent MFA students.


Sunday Life Drawing Session

 So much fun to relax and draw at Sunny's Bar in Red Hook
Brooklyn. Hanging out with cool
drawers and sculptors in a relaxed
Join us?

Drawings © Heidi Younger


Collection of the last few weeks

Moth found at a Brooklyn Park.
Lucy in sun spot
My niece dog, Katy the 10 year old westie.  Great friend.