For Sale Christmas Cards

$5 dollars buys you 5 Doxie Season's Greetings Cards.

You can purchase from my Etsy shop.  see link below.

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Indian Women Poets

For Writer's Chronicle
 Magazine about Indian women poets.

Had a lot of fun with this, I enjoy infusing a sense of beauty in these types of assignments.

© Heidi Younger


Boston Globe Op-Ed

 Only a few hours to work on this illustration for the Boston Globe's op-ed section.
About confidence in the democratic  system that voters have.

So they are basically a bunch of confident, happy voters leaving the local School's gym.

See the website click here

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Last week of October

 More Figure drawing....
Hugs with Lucy... and a rabbit drinking red wine....

Oh, a retarded bike move giving me a new facial scar...oy

© Heidi Younger



I've acquired a bunch more figure drawings to post in the last few weeks.
Some from ASL open session, most from Sunny's Bar.
Lots of fun.
© Heidi Younger


Fall is here

Happy October! The farmer's market brings all sorts of interesting squashes and veggies. I love to paint them on 5 x 7 wood panels using acrylic paint.
Here's the latest.
I am not sure how to cook this one? Any suggestions?

© Heidi Younger


MICA Lecture

This past week I traveled down to Baltimore to visit MICA The MFA Illustration Practice, to visit and critique Grad. Students and to give a lecture.  It was a great time, despite the rain. Thanks to Whitney Sherman and Joyce HesselberthLaurent Hrybyk, to to the many talent MFA students.