Lunar New Year 2018

Chinese Lunar New Year 2018 (a bit early).
Feb 16, 2018 officially.

The year of the brown dog! Yes! I get to animate doggies. My inspiration is the dog park, and Lucy and Rio.

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The girls are staying warm on a cold winter morning.


Sweet spot 12/28

When its time to cut off your adult children. Read all about it here -CLICK
Last column for the year.

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Sweet Spot 12/21 Fat Shaming

Fat Shaming by your own Mother-  Read the full story click here
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Sweet Spot 12/12/17

Ghosts of Lovers Past. Read the full article here.

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Rio (left) Lucy (right)
Rio is a chihuahua whippet mix, (chiwhippet)
Lucy is a wiener classic red.


Sweet Spot Dec. 7

Read about it here  Sweet Spot NY Times

I think this rates high on my favorite gif.
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Nov 9 Sweet Spot NY Times

About grief of someone you hate, but deep down love.   CLICK TO READ
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