river ride

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine
Similar to my “Wetlands” piece, art director Wendy Mcmillan wanted to keep this piece very similar. Short story about 2 friends who enjoy a wild canoe ride together. 
Fun assignment.
© Heidi Younger


Painting trade

Bue bird  gouache by Heidi Younger

White house oil by Charles Basman
My little blue bird painting originally was a class gouache demo, traded with my painter friend Charles Basman for his white house painting. Both are small. The white house oil is only 6 x 6.  I got it framed in a floater frame and it looks gorgeous - Thanks Charles!

© Heidi Younger

© Charles Basman



Named for the long arm of the mantis in praying position, the mantis’ closest relatives are the termite and the cockroach. 
The mantis is a fierce predator who uses those long arms like razor blades. There are debates among gardeners whether they are "good or bad" insects.
During mating the male usually gets his head chopped off and eaten by the female, all during copulation making the female a cannibalistic femme fatale.

© Heidi Younger

On a side note, my illustration The Bear, got into
CA Illustration Annual # 55. Due to be published
May/June 2014.
Thanks Judges!
The Bear


Chinese New Year

2014 is the year of the Horse


This post is dedicated to my honey! You big bear you !


The Art Deco Vegetable

The beautiful Artichoke is basically an unopened flower bud.
It its from the Mediterranean region. If left to flower the flower would be a lovely purple stringy one.
To cook and eat them, first you must clip off the ends of the leaves and steam the bud. When it's soft, pull off the leaves and dip in a melted butter sauce and then scrape the inside of the leaf with your teeth. Eat all the petals then you are treated to the yummiest part, the heart.

© Heidi Younger



Another tastee squash painting and dinner.
butternut squash  5 x 7 acrylic 
in progress


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dedicated to my Bear with love Bunny

© Heidi Younger