dachshund update 2

Cookie update #2: She is with nurse Betty, who can better care for her. Besides that gruesome frankenstein incision wound, she is completely paralyzed waist down. Completely heartbreaking, she can't even wag her tail. The swelling at the operation site is mostly causing the pressure to the spine, causing the paralyses. Although the paralyses should be temporary, with physical therapy she needs to relearn how to walk, and relearn how to wag her tail. It is heartbreaking to feel absolutely no life in her legs, they just flop and have no muscle tone, with the intensive physical therapy, to stimulate the muscles and keep the joints moving. We were given a sling to mimic a walk, her front legs are fine. I know she is happy to be home, and to be alive.


Mt. Iza, Kikiro & Chibi said...

Our prayers go to Cookie ! May she be completely recovered, in Jesus' name.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Mt, Iza, Kikiro and Chibi
: )

bri said...

sending much love to you and cookie. here's to a speedy recovery!

Peter Emmerich said...

Hi Honey!

OMG- you know I am thinking of the two of you! As you know my little guy has had similar problems and thankfully has avoided surgery, although he has come pretty close. He recently had a flare up and couldn't wag his tail. You could have knocked me over I felt so badly for him, so I can't imagine how difficult this has been. I wish the best for Cookie's quick recovery!

Love to you Dear ,