dachshund Update first one

My 8 year old dachshund, Cookie, had spinal surgery on Monday. She couldn't walk and seemed to just drag her back legs. I thought that by keeping her weight down and providing her plenty of stools to use to jump up to the couch, that I was saving her from back problems that are so often associated with the breed. Last Thursday she was in noticeable distress. I thought she strained her leg, or foot, we watched her, but by Monday it became apparent that something was terribly off and that she was in sever pain. She went to the vet, then the specialist then surgery. She had a herniated disk in her middle back that was effecting the nerves, this prevented her from being able to walk, there was no other option other than surgery or to put her to sleep. The price for such a surgery will cost more than 4 thousand dollars. The physical therapy to follow an additional 1200. Experiencing this heartbreak I have completely changed my mind about dachshunds, however sweet natured and adorable these dogs are, they shouldn't continue to breed such a poor body design that only will lead down the road to pain and expensive surgery. The Doctor said they don't know why some dogs end up with the back problems and others can leap off of beds, never get back problems, but mostly this breed ends up with those genetic defects. I love my dog, and will continue to provide her with the best care possible, however, I will not own another dachshund. Cookie might be coming home Saturday, she will need physical therapy as well. Her freedom will be constricted as this can happen again and often does. The Doctor told of one such dog that had 3 of these surgeries in a 12 month period.
*photo- Cookie before surgery


Anonymous said...

hey heidi,
so sorry about li'l cookie :(

I'd like to give you some money to help pay for the surgery --- i usually give money to animal charities anyway so it wouldnt be a big deal for me.

leaving tom. for TX --- also have a gift for cookie --- will send it when i get back.

miss you much, sheree

Kikiro & Chibi said...


Get well, Cookie !


Anonymous said...

Cookie and Heidi,
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Let us know if we can do anything
to be of help.
Kelly and Jon
p.s. Heidi please read this to Cookie.

heidi younger said...

Thanks Friends!
Big hug to you all!!

Scott Bakal said...

Cookie will be home Saturday! The inside info is that she is not eating her dog food but ate the hell out of some chicken breast! It sounds like she's almost back to normal! ;o) Woof!