Saw Lady

Saw Lady

I saw a lady with a saw
What does this lady saw?

The crowds of people point and awe
When they see the lady with the saw

She sings the song, so sad and mellow
Heartbreaks all the young fellows

Remembrance of sadden times
When forests existed and not the saw

So now the saw has only its song
And a kindhearted lady who plays it alone

© Heidi Younger - subway musician series

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Anonymous said...

Heidi - here is a comment I got from a friend in France I sent your subway painting's link to:

"The illustrations of Heidi Younger have a great strenght. I can easily imagine what it is to play, to listen or just to hear music in the subway (or on train platforms) ;...
The NYC underground magic, a place where everything is possible for the artists and because of the artists."

Hope all is good,