dachshund update 7

My 12lb. soft hairy lick machine is now home with me (just for 4 days). Although she is still paralyzed, her spirits seem lifted to be home.
She is enjoying her life, playing with her beloved toys and giving out kisses like crazy. FYI, later this week she'll be measured for a custom cart.
Which are devices that hold up the back end of the dog, and have wheels, so the dog can be mobile without dragging those legs. Or as a friend said, walking like a seal.
We are hopeful that she'll regain some usage of her legs and tail, but it's going to take months according to the vet who had originally said 3 months, now says 6 and recommended the cart.
Im still optimistic, and thrilled to be kissed by her sweet little tongue.
* she is very exhausted today.

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Kikiro & Chibi said...

Welcome home, Cookie !