Air Quality- this dimensional piece created in the early 1990s when I was exploring dimensional art, mainly for the use of natural shadows. I did a bunch of these type of illustrations back then. In 1995, BEHOLD photoshop entered my life. And creating natural shadows became more convenient than finding a photographer to shoot the piece. I do miss the tactile quality. I used cotton for the smoke, the rest is gouache on cut out bristle with foam core underneath to add the depths. Oh, I used some collage with the type "Air" and lots of glue. This piece has been available for reuse, but was never used. I wonder at the words of my former rep. "It's too scary, the red...." Perhaps that and the subject is a turn off? I should do a piece addressing global warming. That is an issue ridiculously debated (FYI- I side with the scientists).
© Heidi Younger

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