Bugs Are Fun

Long and delayed train ride late one night (EMS was called for someone who passed out, yet the train has to sit and wait for them to come), meanwhile my Art Director friend, Jeff M. and I started peering over the book I just purchased from his company Dover. The title, INSECTS; simply a collection of various line and color art of Insects. In our fatigued and hallucinate state we noticed how each of our comments was directed at various human trait of these bugs. Traits that we humans need to see in of all places as bugs (and of course not limited to). A CD-ROM was include with the book making it easier to revisit some of those sightings.
There is such a sense of humor as well. We saw celebrities and robots, gangsters, mutual acquaintances, a whole variety of types and stereotypes. It made an otherwise tedious delayed train ride a bit brighter.

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