Dachshund Update 13

Dachshund Update 13

Upon visiting Dr Wen, veterinary acupuncturist who's reputation is outstanding, Cookie had her first treatment. The office was a lengthy trip, with Cookie crying the entire time.
She was given a 50% chance of walking once again, and we will know in 5 weeks with treatments once a week. Sent home with chinese herbs and our hope.
I wonder if Im being selfish for wanting her normal again and putting all this stress on her. With all the Vet visits and car trips, she had gotten more gray in just a few short months. Part of me thinks I should just keep her comfortable for the rest of her life in this condition. Yet the other part of me wants to give her every shot, so with that we should know mid-May if she'll ever walk again.
Thanks friends for all your support. Love, hugs and a few wet kisses....

Photo taken 4 years ago when Cookie was in her peak. (before the gray hair and paralysis).

Photo © Heidi Younger

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Betty Kauffman said...

Hi Heidi,
Have faith in Dr. Wen. He is a wonderful vet and has gotten two of our dachunds walking again from paralysis. One was 13 years old. I'm glad you went to him. Be patient and look for small changes.
My best.