Field Trip

One cold and damp day I took the Port Jefferson NY Ferry to Bridgeport CT. I sought out a story for my final graduate illustration project. I was looking for mysteries sea related, mermaids, and sailors on a voyage. Although visually it was difficult, it was too cold to hang out on the outside decks to snap photos, inside I met fellow travelers. People on their way places, people taking trips, going to gatherings, making visits. A theme emerged, that was one of new life, everyone was pregnant or visiting a pregnant friend, there was even a lovely standard dachshund who was coming back after meeting her mate up in Maine, her pups will be born in early June. As for mermaids, I did meet a woman (who was 10 weeks pregnant) traveling with her young son (2.5 years), his name was Roland which, as she explained, is the Celtic name for children made by a mermaid and a mortal. Their names meant something like "little seal." Looking out at sea, I searched the wave peaks for seals, mermaids, submarines, alarming fins, a earthy interconnection was what I felt, and it made me happy to be part of it.
© photo Heidi Younger

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