This Week- Gay Pride and my B-day

Finally a bit of a vacation, summer is here and I finally made it to the beach, turned a light shade of pink.
Suffered through yet another birthday, I always associate the rainbow with my b-day. It's a special week.

Thinking about cleaning the studio, holding a yard sale.. oh God- save me from myself.
My aged G5 mac is getting a face lift, new hard drive and more ram, new OS- she should be running a bit better than she has in the 3 plus years.

Attended the Coney Island Mermaid Parade last weekend, I just don't know about posting any of those photos. I loved the extravagant art parade, however if one word came to mind, it would be "pasty" and "fishnet"- a lovely experience and I highly recommend it to the open minded and fishy art set.
Thanks friends.
* photo -this is some happy guy- you know he loves life.

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Anonymous said...

yeap, if I had a body like that I would surely show it off a bit too...