Salvador - illustration

The Man Called Salvador

Salvador was a man with a plan
so he bought some land
he didn't think to scan
it was full of sand

so he picked himself up
and said "dam"

so much for the plan
he thought up a scam
to sucker some other man

then along came Tucker with a giant
label that said sucker

did Tucker buy the land of sand?

it wasn't in the stars because Tucker
was mostly into cars
Spared from this plan
Salvador decided to lay out and get a tan
it would be his next plan

© Heidi Younger


Anonymous said...

If you do more of this stuff, I see you career moving forward in leaps and bounds! Yay! It's great! See? It's all about being a bunny!

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

It's about being a better bunny buddy.