website update

Finally completed my printmaking section, here's what it looks like. The text reads-
My interest in printmaking started when I was 14 when my H.S.
art teacher, Marc Schimsky introduced me to printmaking.
Back than I mostly concentrated on zinc plate etching.
Over the years I found myself drawn more to relief prints,
such as woodcuts and linoleum prints. I was attracted to its
expressive qualities; how it seemed to be in the blood of
protest art. The subject even became a part of my graduate work,
in the form of a thesis. In early 2003 I create the above relief print
as my small protest about the impending war (which we know now
was such a mistake). I was able to reproduce my message, and send
it to all my friends, (preaching to the choir). Since then I've played
around with linocuts, I still have much to learn. Recently I’ve been
incorporating print textures into my illustration style. I am not sure
where this will lead, but I am certainly enjoying the trip.

Now on to sketchbooks page...

© Heidi Younger


sheree boyd said...

hi heidi,

nice update to the site!

love the illo "the d train" --- the fish is too funny!


heidi said...

mermaids are the coolest creatures on earth, as demonstrated at the Coney Is. Meraid Parade..
are you still away?