Wandering the summer streets with friends, on a fine August evening, we discovered this great letter form. Of all the letters, M and S, to me are the best letters... any comments?

last weekends events as documented


Bek Evertz said...

Personally I like "R" but this "M" is definitely worth photograhping. I'd like to see your artist version of it. Are you working on one? Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been checking yours out daily. How's things?

Bek Evertz said...

oops! a few too many vodka tonics. Should be "I'd like to see your ARTISTIC version of it."

PS, I'll do an R and we can put them together to make a "MR" (c;

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

scandalous! An R !!! YIKES ! (kidding)
Bek, please do your version. I find that when I find a perfect photo I can' t improve upon it artistically.
The photo becomes the art. I can't out do this.
But you will find plenty of inverted "S"s in my personal painting. I love the inverted S.

I can picture your "M" in your new pastel style! Go to town!