Illustration Friday- Grow


At first I thought about the obvious, plants growing, or the mold (also a plant) growing currently in my cream cheese container in the fridge. But after looking around I found this construction piece I did a while back for a big AD agency, their human resources dept promo… well it fit. Grow- Growth, especially our economic growth is based on new construction, which currently is in a slump. Some economists say we should be in a recession, but luckily we have a flexible economy, therefore we aren’t. I have always lived in old buildings. I enjoy their character, however, I do appreciate new inventions like insulation. Burr…
© Heidi Younger


giggles said...

Interesting lines, and shapes. Love the color too! Well done! Hope you warm up soon!

Peace Giggles

sheree said...

hey heidi,

i always loved this piece of yours! love the color palette --- you are so good with that.

be careful --- some states are in a recession --- think Michigan & Florida.

I think recessions are normal cycles in the eonomy--- like the boom bust theory (a necessary purge). can't always have a boom