Reunion Gathering

Life after FIT's MA. Main question asked: How's life post thesis? A big Thanks to the Anoushian family for hosting the party, with all the wonderful foods and treats.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Stephen, Angie, Prof. Hyde (Michael), Suzanne, Julia, Ginidir

Julia, Lynne, Jeff, Jessica (and baby soon), Nate, Olivia, Angie, Stephen

Varoujan and Suzanne Anoushian (thanks)

Stephen Gardner and Nathaniel Gold (soon-to-be-Dad!)

Danny Pelavin and Heidi Younger (me)

Carol and Murray Tinkelman with Scott Bakal


Stephen Gardner said...

What a great night and I'm so glad you tried the chicken. I hope to see you again soon.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

It was great to see eveyone under such a happy occasion. Cheers!