Figure Drawing ... a continuation II

As the days grow shorter and darkness dominates the harsh chill of the impending season encroaches.
Sunday drawing session opened the door with the studio a fridge 50’, with all our empathy toward our model she was allowed to keep her cloths on, till it warmed up.
There were two small portable heaters focused on the platform.

There is the outline of the small square heater, so close to the model who tired hard to get warm. I was wearing a tight knit hat and drinking hot tea.

I briefly thought about wearing gloves… hum it was COLD.
Finally after 2 hours it got to a balmy 70’ and the cloths came off.

Eventually my shoes came off. A barter emerged, to avoid the double hand exercise, where both hands simultaneously draw, from opposite sides of the paper, (oh I hate that one) I got to replace it with a foot drawing.
Here’s the result, drawn entirely with my left foot (below).

I left early, as I didn’t want to reveal my absolute fear of driving on ice in the dark, home to a hot beverage and a warm dog on the lap.
© Heidi Younger

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Carla Sonheim said...

Oh my gosh! That "foot" drawing is so wonderful!