Seasons Greetings 2007

Wishing everyone a cozy holiday, warm beverages, warm pets on laps, warm hearts and good cheer.
2007 is nearly over and I wish you all a wonderful successful NEW YEAR 2008. Gratitude extrudes as I move forward. This past year I finished a Masters degree in Illustration, and a book I wrote and illustrated (Sounds of the Underground). It was a pretty busy year. I’ve had a few exhibitions of my paintings and taught a bunch of new classes. Although there were a few bumps along the way, my tiny, optimistic dachshund, Cookie, hurt her back and is permanently crippled as a result. She is thriving despite her condition. For the most part my love ones are all healthy and thriving.
The end of this month marks the one-year anniversary of this blog and I am looking forward to developing it further.
Please leave a comment I enjoy hearing from you.

© Heidi Younger
December Pattern created in 2004- I totally lost the digital file.

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