One year anniversary of my dog's back surgery that left her paralyzed. Back problems in dachshunds runs rampant, unfortunately Cookie circum to the problems her breed. Over the past year she's recovered in her attitude, I've seen how her back paws curl under and now actually respond to the surface. It's small things like how her volume in her back end, was nothing more than a bag of bones, now has a bit more flesh on it (it's still on the thin side). All and all she's very happy. Happy to be alive, take walks, be a pet dog.
Sketchbook © Heidi Younger


Scarlett said...

Oh, I am a huge, HUGE dog lover and Cookie is so sweet. I have a boxer that got bit by a copperhead in the back leg which resulted from a slightly deformed leg. You can tell somedays, she has pain. I am glad that Cookie is not in pain and gets around.

Kiss her a big one for me.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Scarlett, I am so happy someone actually posted about Cookie. She is an amazing dachshund. So full of spunk and sheer happiness. I have found that she is inspiring many other people. Recently she was asked to become a therapy dog at a local nursing home. I am still thinking about it, but I know she would love it. For your Boxer, please try acupuncture for the pain, it really helps.