The Cat

Inspiration taken from pet-sitting a friends cat while they vacationed in a warmer climate. The kitty was so happy to see me, and us humans think cats are so solitary. I've began working on a few more sequence drawings of this, but am still working on them. Again, printmaking is creeping in, a force I invite. More printmaking possibilities to follow.
© Heidi Younger


M said...

Hello Heidi! You might not remember me but I was once your student. I really love this image--- it's warm, and deceptively simple.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Well Thanks "M" I hope you learned something from me? There's more to come with this, as I created it for a sequence. keep tuned.
And thanks for visiting!
: )

sheree said...

very lovely! kind of japanese print making quality to it --- very cool!!! and i love black cats of course! :)

Bakal said...

It does something to me...something like, I want to drink milk, or something. Cool image...really.