Gallery Show- Updated

Smithtown Township Arts Council presented it's Circling the Globe Through Women's Lives exhibit which was Juried by Dr. Connie Koppelman PhD, Women's Studies Department, Stony Brook University.

Opening March 29th 2 pm (see my news page click)
Hands Off mixed 1999
Woman Fleeing acrylic/canvas 2008
© Heidi Younger
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A weekend of art and openings, the evening before the Advertising, Institutional and Uncommissioned show at the Society of Illustrators NYC had it's opening. Getting home well after mid-night, I was pretty zonked by Saturday as witnessed with these goofy pictures (photo credit Scott Bakal). Thanks everyone who came out and congrats to senior FIT students (below) Sojung Yu and Theoni Sapounas who were also present with their pieces in this show.

My Mom
Marc Schimsky, my high school art teacher who surprised me by showing up. Thanks.


sheree said...

awesome! love how the rug looks like razor wire! --- i'm reading into things aren't I? LOL i always loved how you incorporated corrugated cardboard into your work! :)

i posted a pic of georgia and cookie :)

Cort├ęs said...

I like your illustrations!!! specially saint Valentines!!!