I've been "tagged" Memorial Weekend

Apparently I've been "tagged"... (thanks Sheree!!)
Although my life has just slowed down considerably, (school is over and summer vacation is on) I wouldn't say this is a typical 'Heidi' day... but here goes.

6:30 I'm awake, but lie in bed listening to the birds till 7 am.

7 am Help my handicap dog go "makie" and feed her while my coffee brews... 2 mugs of half caf. and a spot of cinnamon. Which I take back to bed.
Cookie gets her biscotti and gets to lie in between my legs in bed while I sip the java...

This time is special for me, I mediated a bit, or plan the day (if I have a million things to do).

8 am exercise time... like Sheree I do LOVE to work out. Call me crazy but if I don't workout I feel miserable.
Stomach crunches, followed by 30 min rebounding (it's a mini-trampoline) followed by some yoga.

9:30ish Shower time. I only wash my hair every other day, saving water and energy and shower time.

11 am Take the crippled dachshund to the park. Cookie's park, she thinks she owns the place. It's a treasure, a pond surrounded by a pathway, no cars.
We see many types of birds and MANY turtles. There lives a gigantic alligator tail snapper who looks primal, he still belongs to the days of the dinosaur.
We are usually safe above on a bridge when we see the big guy. It's amazing to watch him swim, his feet with giant claws.

12 noon Home, tea with a natural health cookie and then to check the e-mails, possibly get to work on something.
* Now with Summer time I do an hour of yard work here and there- breaking up the day. Back to work...
Currently Im designing a friends website- other times working on an illustration.

5 pm What's for dinner? I sometimes ask Cookie 'What's for dinner?', the little cripple, she longly looks at me. Hey I know this little girl will do anything for me, including cook a 6 course meal.. if she could.
I must mention here that I'm a vegetarian, and have been one since 1986 (okay I am aging myself here). Recently I have been eating fish in the form of sushi.
A dinner stable is good old rice and beans.. brown rice, black beans delish. And many pieces of those Dove Dark Chocolates, they have little saying in them, like " trust your gut" or "smile at a stranger, they will wonder what you've done" like fortune cookies but MUCH better.

6 pm TV news- I need to know whats going on.

6:30 Back on the computer, more e-mails and updating my blog, or website. Browse sites- do I have a favorite site? hummm perhaps the site that forecasts the weather, I mean, I seem to go there a lot! What's yours?

7 pm Spiced Indian Chai on the front porch or back deck. Again, mediation and enjoy the moment, the bird's song, the activities of the neighborhood, the formation of clouds, a light breeze. Cookie stays with me. I later give her a "happy hips" a dog treat with glucosamine for aged dogs joints and in Cookie's case her back.

7:50 pm Inside, clean a bit. Grab my sketchbook. Note: I have 3 currently and always it seems... One tiny commuter one, one middle sized and one large "work horse" where nothing looks finished or is meant to. I work out things in there. Drawings, the next painting. The next series, heck I need to draw out of my head, this is my work horse. The middle and tiny book is mostly from life, everything can be looked at with interest by the outside world. But the work horse is more private and is a mess. It's like the 'catch-all' closet that everything get thrown into when guest are on their way and you have no time.

8 pm - 9:30 I indulge my work-horse.

9:30 I attempt to watch some TV.. an attempt b/c I usually fall asleep. I don't remember movies either.

10:30 I open my eyes, you caught me, I dosed off. I get up, get the crippled dachshund to "makie" put a fresh diaper on her.. and off to bed.

by 11 pm I am in comatose sleep. I have been sleeping very well lately. I do admire those who stay away late, 1:30 am... but my house is too chilly (even in the summer) I seek warmth in my comfy bed.

woohoo ! Okay Sheree, I've completed my "tag-0-rama" does that mean I can tag someone?


sheree said...

hey heidi,

what fantastic photos!!! i love them all --- i just got back into this " computer thing" --- hahaha -- kinda took a break over the holiday to not sit at the computer all day long --- :)

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Smart! This summer I want to vow to at least spend one day a week without turning on the computer.
Go outside and experience live in the real.

Raluca C said...

great photos and great drawings!!Cookie melt my heart,she is so sweet and lucky to have a owner like you ,who give her so much love!I also have a blind cat,saved from the street..Best of wishes