48 Hour Job

I teach in NYC early on Monday and Tuesdays. While goofing off waiting for time to pass to catch a train for home on Monday, my phone rang. It was NY Times with a quick job (always quick). I love working fast and that is what I did this past week, all while commuting (2 hours one way) to the big apple and teaching my Illustration class at FIT.

Sketches- in the act- afterward
It was a wonderful short about a young girl breaking tradition by cutting off her traditional Indian hair braid. I looked at photos of India and loved the bright colors and patterns of that country and culture. Keep in mind, I only had 48 hours, for sketches, approval and finish, while teaching/commuting. Now I settle down for a nice cup of Chai with honey and milk.
Sunday NY Times 9/14 Regional section.
© Heidi Younger


Kate said...

Great, FAST work!

Juan said...

Wonderful stuff Heidi!

Rao said...

Just fantastic! Is there any way to buy prints of your art? for example, portfolio 2\the picnic or carbon neutrality?

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Hi Rao,
Yes I do sell prints. Price depending on size. e-mail me at: