Red bag studies and various drawings aka moleskin madness

Admittedly, It's my down time. I attempt to watch TV (I'd rather draw) I see my red bags on the green chair and draw them.
And of course the Doggy, great to noodle as she holds her pose well while in dreamland.
Tea and moleskin, TV on as background noise.... my verdict is out on the moleskin. It's okay, I guess? I just bought a few new other types of books, other brands, ones that I am eager to use.
Moleskin is great for the inks- I don't know if I like that yellowish cast the paper has, it's hot pressed "oak tag" feel.
Anyone out there agrees?
© Heidi Younger


Sara Morante said...

Great blog and great illustrations!

Juan said...

I love your red bag studies

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks fellow artists.