Post Surtex

Surtex 2009, thanks everyone!

Well Sheree and I survived our first exhibit at Surtex and I do say "survived" as I think I speak for both of us when I say truly exhausting but really great too. In the next few weeks there will be more details and pix about the show and our booth more specifically. Meanwhile there are lots of follow ups and resting. PS- the bees had a ball. Check out more on my facebook link.
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sheree said...

Great Heidi! so if i want to follow up i have to join facebook. :) Is this your way of luring me into the evil underworld of facebook - haha

I posted a little something on mine and linked to you.

When i'm 'over' this kids book we'll sit down and chatter about Surtex - preferably with drinks in hand :) maybe when you come next week? we can record it - lol