Go Little Mouse

Washington Post- September 17

Have you ever found yourself endeared to a mouse? At first you're appalled at the discovery that your personal space has been invaded, your food stocks violated. But after awhile you notice how smart the little pest can be. You may even admire the little guy's tenacity. Many years ago I was forced to purchase a 20 pound bag of dog food for my 10 lb. dog. I usually only get 5 lb. bags, but I was desperate and bought the huge bag. After a few weeks I realized a little bugger was eating my dog's food!
No holes, the mouse always entered from the top. I screamed as I witnessed a half brown-n-white plumb mouse jump from the bag (roughly a 3 story building for him). He was cute, well sort of? For a mouse stealing my dog's food. Well I got to illustrate a similar story, I won't even bother to tell you about it, as you can plainly see what the little guy did. Well sketch 2 gives it away completely. I had a fun time with it.

rejected sketch : the little guy succeeded in getting his "Lunch."

© Heidi Younger

And Another Thingy ...

The High Line Chelsea NYC is open and I can personally attest, a delight go check it out! It starts at 20th Street and ends at Gansevoort Street (12th St).

Milton Glaser "A Legacy of Graphic Design" At the SVA Gallery

Yes that's me with one of my idols, Milton Glaser

Since 1960 Milton Glaser, an icon of Graphic Design, Illustration, the co-creator of the famous PushPin Studio, has donated his wonderful vision to SVA. This show is dedicated to those works, posters and the actual sketches, which I loved the most.
SVA Gallery is located at 601 West 26th Street -15th floor. In the heart of Chelsea's gallery district.

The views were amazing, combined with the great weather, it was a spectacular evening.

© Heidi Younger


sheree said...

hola, what a cute little mousie - looks just like watercolor.

we have some adorable and very very tiny poodles up for adoption...too cute for words. and its strange b/c tiny dogs go super fast. i love them, but i'm drawn to the bigger dogs. really great obedient intelligent dogs. do you know of anyone that would be interested? i'll try to take photos at the end of this week.

took in a male chinchilla that the owner could no longer keep...that makes 7 and counting!

sheree said...

haha, yes heidi, the cat is that FAT and he is not on a diet. he steals food...

poodles as little old lady dogs...never thought of that. these poodles remind me of tiny circus animals. they are very well behaved and starved for attention. :(

today sure is hot and humid but i'm not complaining as i do not look forward to snow.

Kam said...

Hello Heidi, love the mouse drawing, also what a beautiful photo of you and Milton.

heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Kam!