Unbalance vs Balance - IF

This gouache sketch features my dachshund Cookie. It was created back in 2000. Cookie is still now 11.
It may represent balance rather than unbalance, what do you think?

© 2000 Heidi Younger


voz said...

I don't know what it represents, but Cookie is awfully cute!

Indigene said...

I'd say this was definitely unbalanced and a clever way to express it, too!

Jim Paillot said...

I think it represents that Cookie needs a bigger chair to sit in. Wonderful artwork, Heidi!

heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks everyone. Cheers!

Helen said...

This is interesting, a friend was discussing it at the local bookshop last time. I think I will check it out myself.

Thanks for sharing this post.
Helen Neely