A gray day, a good friend and Rice paper...

Inga demonstrates

Mono print time

Artist and great Illustrator Inga Poslitur came to my studio in Queens today for an art "play date."

Heidi and red angel printed in a sketchbook

Our objective was to experiment with printmaking techniques, mono-prints specifically. Another objective was not to be too attached to the art, just let it happen. We taped acetate down and rolled out some water based oil paints. Than placed a sheet of rice paper onto the surface making sure not to touch it or press down.

A cut linoleum with acetate over pressed

Inga's sumo wrestler, very nice!

Then take a pencil and draw! Using your finger you can achieve a tone and texture. Going back and forth with the lines, sometimes lifting the paper to create an "white" line by drawing in to the "plate."

Brilliant !

Cookie loved hanging out

Heidi's disembodied red head

I enjoyed the day

Tea, chocolate and the smell of oil paint thanks Inga for the fun, I really needed this.

All Works © Inga Poslitur and Heidi Younger 2010

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