Printmaking Part II "Play Date"

Fabulous artist Inga Poslitur, again spends the day having a "creative play date" - such fun. © Inga Poslitur

Continuations with experimental printmaking, each month Inga Poslitur and I have agreed to get together to experiment. This month we continued with the mono-print technique but with a few different variations. Instead of allowing the paper to lie on the rolled out ink, we switched it, and the inked acetate now sandwiched between a sketch and the paper. After reading the CMYK article about Edel Rodriguez's technique we noticed that is how he does it. This keeps a positive image, there is not flipping, no reversal of the image.

Next month we are pulling more Printmakers into the mix, and possibly a press. Yippy!

Heidi fiddling during the play date

Dealing with gold leaf, which is difficult as it tends to dissolve when handled.

The next day I continued with my Elements theme, with is also a bit experimental but using linocuts and varying the "elements" paper, collage, plates, colors, etc.
I've also been quite fascinated with gold leaf lately and wanted to also incorporate it into this "mono- linocuts" for some shimmer and interest. Handling gold leaf is arderious as it seems to dissolved when handled. It's tricky. I've created "masks" and used craft glue to adhere the gold. Peeling the masks away is tricky also as sometimes it picks up the dissolvable gold.
In the end each print is different, just like a mono-print.

life and death

In my Elements series I've been exploring relationships between different symbols and images as well as, elements of a design. The pieces of the series will relate to each other by using the same elements. Example, skull, bird, angles, these are symbols I've been exploring for 15 years now.

blue bird

black skull with gold 2

black skull with gold 1

These prints are offered for sale at my on-line store, at very affordable prices.

© Heidi Younger

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sheree said...

very lovely, heidi. i like the guy's gold leaf hair do! :)