Woman's History Month Award

Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld District Councilman, Dr. Denise Uettwiller-Geiger Award in Science, and little old, Heidi Younger Award Art

March 25th 2010

Something for the wall.

Last Thursday Evening I was humbled and honored to receive by the Town of Brookhaven a Woman's Recognition Award in the area of Visual & Preforming Arts. Other awardees received awards in areas of Education, Community Service, Volunteer, Government, Business Science, etc. I was humbled to hear their stories and what they have contributed to the community. The only artist, I was deeply honored to be considered. My illustrations decorated the poster and the program, after I spoke the audience made that connection. Afterward many business cards were exchanged. It was a thrilling night and I was extremely grateful.
Thanks friends and family for supporting me.

* Thanks Cheryl for the peeps

All of the Awardees received a pack filled with all of these Awards from nearly every government agency in Brookhaven, I was surprised.


Right afterwards

Cookie Dog and Heidi


Needlesville, N.Y. said...

How awesome, congradulations!

Stephen Gardner said...


sheree said...

hey heidi!

me and the dogs (and sissy the cat) were there in spirit! This was Beatrix any time i left the house to go out in the backyard: HOWL BARK BARK BARK HOWL HOWL BARK BARK BARK...repeat that nonstop. i feared the neighbors would call the cops thinking i'm abusing my separation anxiety ridden greyhound...so it looks like i'm a bit house bound until someone realizes i haven't abandoned them!

Like i've said before; you totally Deserve the Woman of the Year award! :) You look stunning as always and i'm in love with the photo of you and the cookster! little baby cookie; sweet and cute as always! :)

Peter Fasolino said...

Hey Heidi. congratulations on receiving the honor. Was there an open bar and buffet at the reception?

heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Everyone, and Pete, no alcohol sorry.
Sheree, there is a beautiful greyhound in my building.

Christian Castro said...

Congrats Heidi! I'm happy for you!