Draw-a-thon at Pratt

Pratt Institute's campus

This weekend Pratt Institute held it's 22th Annual Draw-a-thon an event that lasts from Friday 7 pm to Saturday 7 am, and I was there! Along with hundreds of other artists, students and others.
It was my first time so I didn't know what to expect, I didn't even know if I can stay conscious all night let along draw? But I did.
The event hosted several rooms with different timed model poses, some with more than one model. The models were all good sports and all very professional to stay so focused all night. At midnight a band of african drummers began to play, all night till nearly 7am. It was a good way to stay awake.

middle of the night drawings

First I was struck by Pratt Institute's lovely campus with the fresh scent of blooming trees and clean air. (Yes even in Brooklyn the air can, at times, be fresh smelling). I brought too many mediums to play with, and feared running out of my beloved ink in my pen. I didn't do any masterpieces, really nothing I even want to keep.
All members of the BQ Print Club were represented (Inga Poslitur, Charles Basman and David Klein), floating from room to room, as were several of my students and former students from FIT. They made it worth it to me. There was such limited amount of room that I often found myself sitting on the floor and when I went to use the ladies room upon return I'd find my spot gone, even with all my stuff there. Yes, crowded, all enthusiastic drawers.
My favorite room, although high trafficked, was the 2 minute pose with 3 nudes. My former student Vitaly Umansky and I were sharing supplies and enjoying pleasant conversation. All that abruptly ended at midnight with the arrival of the free pizza.

At 11 pm I accidentally slammed my right middle finger in the bathroom door between the misplaced toilet paper dispenser. Pretty painful, it was swelling and throbbing. Luckily I am lefty so my drawing paw was fine. I did get a cup full of ice to soak it. Even now my finger is sore to the touch and a bit purple.

Inga Poslitur drew the African drummers magnificently. I conserved paper and drew on my iphone using paint box during the gestures. I eventually found a spot on a table around 2 am in the 20 minute pose room. Again, I didn't do any great drawings, but was thrilled that I even participated. At the end we all went to the 5th floor, all the models and what was left of the crowed, which was still sizable. The sun was rising and in the distance you can see the empire state building. It was like surviving something that started in the dark and seeing the light was very significant. Prizes were raffeled off, the biggest was a 150$ gift card to a local art store. I won a pencil kit with all anyone would need to draw with dry media.

Early in the morning watching the sunrise

After it was all said and done we had breakfast at Mike's dinner near the south eastern corner of Pratt's campus. In case you're wondering, NO photography was allowed. So I could document the event that way.

Would I do it again? Maybe, however the next day is completely lost and I fear my sleep pattern effected. At my age these little comforts mean a lot. But who knows?

© Heidi Younger


sheree said...

really lovely drawings heidi...love the iphone sketches!

heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Sheree! I phone drawing is fun.