Central Park Zoo

Sea Lions

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

A friend of mine, Joan Scheier, volunteers at the Central Park Zoo, she asked me to come down and what a treat it was.
All the volunteers and keepers truly love their jobs, and their animals. A small zoo, but right in the middle of New York City, it offers a lovely hideaway and a nice place to sketch. The day was a scorner, one of the keepers dropped Ice cubes in the animal's enclosures. The snow monkeys immediately grabbed the ice. I started craving ice cream. Happy Summer.

Snow Leopard

Fancy girls

These guys love to show off

© Heidi Younger


Roxana Gheorghe said...

Love them. I love the snow leopard.

Roxana Gheorghe said...

Love them all ... mostly the snow leopard.

heidi Younger Illustration said...

It was a hot day, and she was hanging out in
the coolest spot. She is gorgious!!!