On Location Drawing at Fort Tryon Park NYC

Charles Basman, Inga Poslitur and Heidi Younger

A beautiful day to spend outside with my creative buddies. We set off early to draw/paint at Fort Tryon Park, NYC at 190 Street. The Cloisters is located here. The air was clear, the humidity was down and the sun was bright. I think it was safe to say that we all were over come by nature.

An abstract

The gardens were amazing, Inga started a watercolor about the poppies, Charles set off to do an oil painting of the landscape. And I just sketched and took photos.

click image to see a larger image- trust me it's worth it!

Mr Bee was busy in the mid-day sun, his back legs were covered with "pollen" see all that yellow. He didn't mind me hanging out with him.

© Heidi Younger

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