This Friday- Draw-a-thon

Join the masses, bring pencils! And lots of paper!

______A M M E N D E D _____________________

I successfully completed the 12 hours of drawing at Pratt's Draw-a-thon. Congratulations to me and to everyone else. It was again an awesome experience. I only wish I hadn't woke up at 6:30 am the day of. I did drink a gallon of coffee and my hands only shook a little lol.
And a BIG calls out to my friends and all my former and current students who came. You're awesome!

© Heidi Younger

I love sumi ink and bamboo pens

The models were amazing. So dedicated and they all worked so hard. Cheers to you models!

I spent most of the night in the 20 minute pose room. For those who don't know the draw-a-thon is made up of about 7 rooms, each a different time period and some had themes, like Adam and Eve.

Again, I prefer ink and watercolor over any dry media.

Next year I am going to bring more watercolor paper, I've been liking Aquarius Starthmore. Also used a monoprint technique for this, above.

And those acrylic inks rock too.

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sheree boyd said...

lovely drawings, Heidi! :)