The Torah

12 of the 23 sketches

I was commissioned to illustrate the Torah for an Educational Children's text book. What a fun! I had nearly complete freedom, just a tight deadline for 23 illustrations. But I made the deadline! Here are 12 of my favorite pieces from the series.

The Garden : Cain and Able

The Land of Canaan : Sarah Laughed

Hagar & Ishmael are banished : Rebekkah at the well

The Wrestling Match (Jacob struggles with insomnia) : The New King ( Genocide!)

Meet Moses: The Reed Sea

Spies : Talking Donkey "Don't hit me!"

I've been concentrating on this job for the last 2 months- when I wasn't in school I was working on this project. The project allowed me some room for experimenting by combining traditional printmaking techniques with digital-photoshop. I started using a stencil roller technique which gave me a lot of texture results. It was like painting with a roller. This is something I am up to exploring more.
This summer I am planning on taking a monotype class at Lower East Side Printshop. I've been itching to take this class for a while now. Monotypes are a form of printmaking using the press and paint on a "plate" usually a piece of plexiglass that runs through the press giving just ONE print, hence the name Mono-print. In either case I liked combining what became an assemblage.

Almost the Promised Land, Moses dies. This ended up being my most favorite piece of the entire collection.

23 sketches 2 months, client Torah Aura Publications. The sketch wall, helps with organization

© Heidi Younger

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