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A while back I was commissioned to illustrate a wonderful little story called "The Mist of San Martin" the story is set in a small village in Mexico.
The village has a mysterious hero who hides in the caves that the mist surrounds. The story goes on, where a young girl helps fight against the larger economic and political machine to stop the construction of a dam, which will ultimately destroy the landscape of their beloved village. The girl also elicits the help of the village mythical hero San Martin. Mist is an important element in the story as the village always had mist surround it, both daytime and night.
It was a pure narrative, something every illustrator LOVES to sink their teeth into. I certainly did.

My favorite of the series. The girl sneaks an herb to the mean Mayor to knock him out so she can get to work. Note the rifle.

Let's meet San Martin!

Most of the story takes place at night with exception to the opener piece where the girl and her grandfather are out collecting herbs in the daytime. It was fun to do both times.

Working out the girl with sketches, right was used.

My neck!

Last week I had minor surgery to remove a cyst on the base of my neck. It was a real surgery in an operation room with all the fan fair that goes with that.
Now I feel like I need a cone like that which dogs get, to stop my scratching at the itchy stitching. I am relieved the cyst is out as it was growing and getting quite noticeable. I've been focusing on healing.

© Heidi Younger

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Laura Resau said...

Heidi-- Thanks for doing such a beautiful job illustrating this story!! I absolutely love how you made the swirling mist...

Laura Resau (the author)