Pass the coffee

The Mask, 2011, Acrylic on wood 18x24

My 'Mask' painting got into CA Illustration Annual, due out May/June 2012.
The same piece got in to SOI LA 50. To be exhibited at Nucleus Gallery in late March.
(Check back for more details).
This was a painting I did for an exhibit at Grace Gallery last summer. Look Click here.

More this past month, well I've gotten a turkish coffee pot. Lets just say my gas range top is not as clean as it use to be.
The the coffee grinds spill out. It's a bit of a tricky process. Labor intensive, you must watch the brew slightly foam and repeat but not to any boiling point.

Before the stove top got messy.

As a lefty, I've found so many kitchen utensils don't operate smoothly in my paws... same goes for the turkish pot. Totally designed for a right hand domination.
So the spillage is frequent.

The coffee is delicious. Very flavorful, and I like mine black no sugar.

I've been toying around with imagery of faces and figures, especially figures doing yoga poses.
Yoga lady creates facial hair on the dude. I've been working on a series so stay tuned.

"Except Sunday" Acrylic on wood 2012, 16x20

© Heidi Younger

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