Halloween 2012

Common Ground Magazine- Dec 2012  Heidi Younger Illustration

I completed this piece in September for Common Ground Magazine. It wasn't even about Floods! But after this past week, it seemed oddly prophetic
Mega, gigantic storm Sandy left such mayhem in NY and NJ etc... some still don't have electricity 8 days later. They say climate change is making "storms of the century" occur every 2 years, not good.
We are living in strange times my friends. 


A clown and hotdog tango
 In the mean time, we have to take ourselves lightly. Dress our tiny dogs up in hilarious outfits and tango in the park with the like minded.

My New girl Lucy took "Most Funniest" dog costume.  Really she was pretty funny.

And for those who ask, it has to be mustard, not ketchup!

a Witch casts a spell

Yellowstone Park, Forest Hills NYC  Dog party

Lucy and Cookie

Cookie doesn't like to showoff.
She came as a spectator.

© Heidi Younger

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sheree boyd said...

hahahahaha...love the costumes...Cookie looks like sherlock holmes...just needs the pipe and hat. :) love the illo!