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Contributor Page: March 2013 Experience Life Magazine

Photo by Roxana Gheorghe 
Rejected photo

Thanks to the excellent art direction of Lydia Anderson, I got to illustrate a feature article for Experience Life Magazine,  March 2013 issue, out now.
Part of the deal was a bit on the Contributor's page.
I needed a photograph of me, that is always hard.
So luckily I know an awesome photographer. Roxana Gheorge came to shoot me and my dogs.
Poor little Cookie, she couldn't even keep her eyes open. It was clearly her nap time. 
Ironically the article was about SLEEP.....

Nice Layout! 

Throughout the story I put a doxie, Lucy, in the illustrations. So it was great she ended up being photographed too.

Experience Life Magazine; opening piece

Experience Life Magazine

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