Good bye my little Angel, Rest in Peace

This week I lost my best friend. Cookie was a long hair dachshund. She was born in March of 1998 and she died May 2013, she was 15.
She was at my side for all that time, a true and loyal companion. My heart is broken as she was my baby. She pass at home with me at her side.
She lived fierce, never letting her handicap get her down. She was an inspiration to everyone who met her. She touched so many with her awesome attitude.
Words can not express how my heart aches with her loss. She will be missed.

Cookie 2009

she smiles

Cookie in 2010

Me and Cookie, 2008
Early in 2013

Dear Cookie, My little angel, I love you forever,  rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

Cookie was and will always be a part of my life.


Anonymous said...

Cookie ate shrimp at my house.

Cookie demolished a rawhide lollipop I gave her in, like, five minutes.

Cookie tinkled on my floor…which, I believe, is “Shalom!” in paraplegic-doxy speak.

Cookie had eyes like Elizabeth Taylor in “Cleopatra.”

Cookie intimidated Dudley the bulldog.

Cookie was one of the great beings I’ve had the privilege of knowing. Bless your heart, Heidi Younger, for doing all you did for her. You would tell me, “Cookie really likes you”…which was more than likely something you told everyone to make them feel special. But I prefer to believe that I was one of the chosen. It works for me.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, feisty, a real trouper, chasing "monkeys" with a passion - that's how I will remember Cookie.

Cookie always did and always will make me smile.

Cookie, you are truly missed.


Anonymous said...

I think everyone in our building was impressed by the beautiful, intrepid little dachshund pulling a chariot behind her and also by the beautiful owner who worked so hard to keep her going. Is there any love purer than that of a dog for her owner? Not that I've seen. We will miss Cookie in our neighborhood. Most sincere condolences to Heidi for her loss; may the memories be for a blessing.

heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thank you everyone for your sincere and supportive comments. She touched everyone she met, from tinkling on your floor, to striding around in her little blinged out cart. Peace to all.
Love you all

Anonymous said...

even though my friendship with Cookie was very recent, she was a lovely dog and very lucky to have a wonderful mom as you were to her.

Bless you Heidi, for all the good things you do and did for your dogs.

Sharon perer
Lexi's mom

PS very impressed by your illustrations, you are truly talented