Fall 2013

carrots  5x7 acrylic on panel

I like my privacy in many respects, but being an artist and a business owner in this age of social media doesn’t allow for elusiveness.
Years flew by, many where I was always working on a deadline. My life was just a series of deadlines. But within that type of harrowing space, I did manage to grow artistically, to experiment and to explore.

My illustration style was always near and dear to me, however now I’ve been focusing on these tiny food still-lives. I can do them extremely fast, it's a bit mindless in a way. It takes me to a point where I just enjoy the experience of the paint. No thinking, or plotting… no client. 

This is the end part of the Fall, we’re past Halloween and just a few days before Thanksgiving. Those warm days are creeping away to chilly, windy evenings. A bit of a cold snap, a few flurries, then a token warm day. Then the never ending cold that just can’t seem to get a break, runny nose and an annoying cough. Anyway, after an exhausting fall semester, teaching at 3 schools, leaving me with little time for my work, I’m looking forward to my break. With a bit more time to be an artist, hang out with my man and our dog. Heck, maybe even see a movie from the beginning. 

Lucy enjoying the sun spots
Lucy Fall 2013
Morning Glory's in the fall- Red Hook Brooklyn

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