Pearson Canada: Growing in Faith Project

For the last few months I’ve been working on a great project for Pearson.  I love working with a narrative approach, its a bit different then the editorial conceptual type jobs.
Here are just a few from the last batch. These illustrations will be used for various text books for a Catholic School client. 
I illustrated a chapter about the temptation of Christ, the 40 days in the desert.

Here the client didn’t want to depict the “devil” at an entity but more as a feeling, the dark threatening clouds are used to invoke that emotion.

Then Jesus appears to his disciples to show them he survived death, then he ascends to heaven. 

The last illustration shows the remaining disciples rejoicing. 

I had fun with these, again these are just a few from a larger body of work. I like doing illustrations for kids. 

                                               © Pearson Canada: Growing in Faith

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