Dachshund Update 11

Cookie, my handicapable dachshund, got her "wheel chair" on Thursday. She isn't too thrilled with it. This contraption will help strengthen her back muscles and stimulate her toes, as well as giving a bit of a cardio workout by the sheer act of moving around.


Mt. said...

I can't wait to receive the first Quicktime movies of her running around in that thing !
Until she finally doesn't need it anymore !

Anonymous said...

All she needs is some goggles and a flight jacket and she is set!

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

A merging of machine and animal.

sheree boyd said...

hey heidi

my comment didnt show up :(

when i saw the photo i immediately thought: part robot part doggie = all love --- (b/c cookie is a loving doggie)

also thought how she likes to hop on laps :)
i hope soon she can do that again


Heidi Younger Illustration said...

since that photo was taken, she has adapted better to the cart. When she isn't straped in she looks and sniff it. As for her little dangling legs, there is reflex action happening, but nothing consious.
Yes, she is a loving dog, and a pal.