Sunday Drawing II

A whopping 7 hours and 45 minutes! Now that's commitment for you. It was a great deal of fun, spending the last of those beautiful late summer, early fall days inside drawing naked women.

Each week I hope to see an improvement. There is the 4 hour effect for me personally, where I lose steam and then start to suck badly. (gotta just wait for the second wind).

For the most part, I need to loosen up more and stop being so precious with the drawing. It's fast and experimentation and risk taking is important, easily said than done. I am a work in progress. Geez I don't want to point out the hands, our model had beautiful long fingers and manicured nails, which was just too much effort for me to even attempt.

My homage to Hokusai

Deep down there lies in me an expressive line, I just have to keep digging. Make more effort to relax and not really care what comes out. "Don't Care!" Again, easier said than done, especially when one has been earning a living as an illustrator for nearly 20 years, every visual created I care about.

More Soon....
© Heidi Younger

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