Carbon Neutrality

What is your impact?
Have you ever thought about your impact on the fragile world? With Global Warming taking precedence over most other environmental headlines, and rightfully so, as it seems to be one thing that we can change. Or at least try to change while there is still time or hope left.
I’ve always thought of myself as an environmentally sensitive person. I use mass transit, when I drive I use a tiny Honda hatchback, for the most part I am vegetarian, I recycle and use reusable shopping bags and compact florescent light bulbs, but what was my carbon output? With more research into this topic I found that for the estimated 22 tons of carbon that I output per year I can neutralize this by purchasing carbon credits. This works by offsetting my used carbon with carbon absorbing activities to compensate, an example would be planting trees, or investing in renewable energy like wind, solar etc.
Example, you are an American that must drive your super sized SUV, but that tinge of guilt hits, especially after you experienced one of the hottest summers on record. You can become carbon neutral by buying enough carbon credits to neutralize your SUV output. You can have your Cake and eat it too.

Sounds a bit familiar, much like the ancient Catholic practice of purchasing indulgences, which helped bring about the protestant reformation movement.

Although my usage is below the national average, which is 27 tons, it is vastly more than the world average, which is only 5.5 tons. That is something to think about it. As a modern American I am seemingly required to use lots energy, I need to be glued to my computer nearly 24/7 and I need to drive to my jobs which is also computer necessary, as well as, stay up late working with lights on.

I am embarrassed that the United States refused to sign the Kyoto treaty, with our 2% of the world population and 80% use of the world’s resources. Pretty ballsy of us Americans, the least we should do is attempt to become carbon neutral on an individual basis. Find out more.
What is your carbon footprint? Calculate your carbon output.
Buy carbon cards click.

Illustration © Heidi Younger


MANHA said...

Hello~ Heidi~
How have you been??
I am happy with your new drawings and illustrations. They are very powerful and made me remind our drawing classes.
Miss You~

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Manha,
How's things with you? Doing illustration?
take care

Stephen Gardner said...

It's a beautiful piece of work Heidi and the whole carbon foot print thing has been on my mind but then I just watched this documentary called the Corporation and it's those corporate bosses that are plundering this planet that need to be behind bars.
We can all try to do what little we can but those profit hungry bastards are where the problem really lies.

There was some place down in Brazil where they actualy tried to privatise water and made it illeagal for the towns people to even save rain water in a bucket.

they got away with this untill the towns people revolted.

The Corporation, we got in on net flicks, it will keep you up nights

Great image, see you soon

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Your right, Corporations have high impact and thus responsibility for their actions and profits.
So it's important to recognize those corporations that are actually conscious of their carbon and are taking action to become neutral.
Those are what us consumers should seek out and support. For years watching all those huge SUVs, with just one person driving broke my heart. I wondered if they cared about the next generation?
That water Brazil story is absolutely disgusting, the pure greed.
Thanks Stephen. I like this blogging thing were discussions can be had.
Keep your sketches going at...

Scott Bakal said...

I did a series of 5 pieces and a cover illustration for Milken on this very subject. I wish more people would concern themselves with the greater good than themselves in this matter.

wendy grossman said...

dearest heidi, you not only grow as an AMAZING artist every time i see your work, but your ability to take the issues that are really important to us as a HUMAN race and put it into words and visuals is so powerful. i will follow up on your lastest blog info. i was not aware that as a privite citizen we could trade carbon. i thought that was only corporate and corrupt...as always as from the first time we met, you remain a hero of mine. wendy grossman

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

-blush- thanks Wendy! (thanks for commenting)