Day of the Dead

Día de los Difuntos or Día de los Muertos

The Mexican celebration Day of the Dead occurs on November 1, All Saints’ Day and November 2, All Souls’ Day.
This holiday is the joyful celebration honoring deceased relatives and friends and the continuation of life with the belief that death is not the end. This holiday of honoring those who have died is expressed with wonderful folk art creations of sugar skulls, flowers, decorations of skeletons participating in life.

This celebration has been practiced for 3,000 years in Mexico and now it continues as it has when on Sunday evening I stumbled across this elaborate alter and dance performance in New York’s East Village.
The air was filled with wonderful fragrant incense, the drummers and dancers exerted energy and rhythms; on the dancers legs were rows of shells that made musical sounds as the dancers moved, they used their movements to create this music.
Illustration for Colgate

With Halloween on the same week, as well as, the new brisk temperatures, this time of year yields a special feeling, one of appreciation for life, surrendering to the seasons and feeling connected with life.
© Heidi Younger

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