Saw Lady Plays at FIT

Last Wednesday I had invited Natalia, a.k.a. Saw Lady to 'model' for my general illustration class at FIT.
The experience was unique, Natalia wrote so purely about it on her blog. I couldn't do better so please go check it out. CLICK HERE Hers is a passion that is infectious as it was memorable. Thanks Saw Lady!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating me with the correct names of the students, Heidi!
I had such a great time at your class - I even learned a bit about illustration :)
Thank you for a most interesting and fun experience!

All the best,

'Saw Lady'

Stephen Gardner said...

We almost had the Saw Lady play at our wedding reception at the Society. We ended up going with bagpipes lady who sounded like she was strangling a cat. Bet that was a great class.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

It was excellent! Thanks for posting.