Drawings Part IV

Four weeks of heavy duty sunday figure drawing Pasalaqua style.... I find that I really am drawn to using ink and washes. More than charcoal, or graphite, or pastel.
Color was used by good old fashion crayons that I pirated from my niece and nephews art supply stash from Grandma's house. (don't worry, I'll return them),
crayon and ink
meanwhile I will play with the interaction of wax and ink washes while depicting the figure.
Last sunday I attempted my very first "foot" drawing, yes, just as it sounds, pen in foot while standing and leaning against a wall, it was amazing really, more then frustrating. The workout continues meanwhile I am working on some new illustration pieces about the environment, (again). Stay tuned when soon paint will be explored.
Happy Fall everyone.
© Heidi Younger


Stephen Gardner said...

these are some fantastic drawings Heidi.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Stephen! I am having a great time drawing, usually Im sitting on the floor and I think that angle works for me. Love your sketch-of-the-day!

Scott Bakal said...

These are some of the best drawings I've ever seen you do. Ever.