Follow the line- figure drawing continued..

More weekend drawing sessions, playing around with inks and adding some color here and there using a brush marker (I love those pens).

(top) Drew this with the ink bottle squirter and a chop stick and washes with brown acrylic ink. I messed up the hand big time, but I like the hair and foot.

More back poses. This was the first week I wore my new progressive glasses. This is a modern term for bio-focals. Meaning, distance and close up glasses. It's refreshing at times and equally frustrating too, my poor eye and brain connection.

This one is an exercise called "5 pounds of baloney in a 3 pound bag" an exercise in distortion. Yes, got some nice red paper. Most of the poses from this session were 15 min. Our model brought in homemade oatmeal cookies, which is just what one needs for 6+ hours of drawing class (Thanks).
Frank 12-30

I just wanted to draw his face. He had the most amazing face, lines and a gray fuzzy beard, the same type of hair on his head, very short. I don't think I did it justice.

Above: Crossed arms.
Below: Hand and butt, from my sketchbook.

He's much thinner in real life.

There was a two handed exercise (use both hand at the same time), works best with different colors pens.

Back to his face and head, my opinion, the most interesting part.

The End
© Heidi Younger


Scott Bakal said...

Yo, Younger...you're getting better! This stuff is great!

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanx yo.

Stephen Gardner said...

This is a great batch of drawings Heidi. I love the use of color on portrait. Come and draw at the SOI one evening!
I got my first on of those spam type comments, cheeky buggers.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Ah, those Cheeky buggers have found you at last, welcome to the verification blog...
I would love to come draw at Society... it's always days that conflict with my crazy schedule.
Thanks for you comments Stephen, it means tons coming from you.