Follow the marks- Figure drawing continued

top This simple one is in my small sketchbook. An after thought, but more successful than those that I spend 10 minutes on.

Blue Glove This was my favorite for the day. Editing with the splash of blue. I still don't know why our model wore only one glove. But its all good.

I like this dark greenish paper. I would like to use more whites like this, but of course better.

top After I suffered trying to get this pose nice (a failed drawing) I did this quickly in my small sketchbook. Far more successful than what I originally had.
Reminds me of Calder's drawings and wire works.

top An exercise called "Bug's eye view" to distort the figure as were a bug was on one part. I was trying to be a bit obvious with the blue. The distortion exercises are my favorite by far. To be able to believably distort the human form will greatly help all illustration work. Besides it Rocks.

Relax! I didn't like this drawing, but others were drawn to it, so I decided to include it. Our model brought with her these large colorful feathers. Actually they were frustrating because I wanted to draw her, not the feathers. I know she wanted to be creative with them. She was a great model, great poses and a high energy spirit with those creative touches. New goals for figure drawing will include : drawing through the figure- MORE- inside shapes and more distortion. I can't give up the ink line so I'm not going to. I did do one pencil drawing and found myself being fussy with the tones. I'd like to go more in the direction of the "calder" sketch but intergrate more color with that. Perhaps bring that sensibility into painting.

© Heidi Younger

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