Sitting on a jetty...

... enjoying summer, the warmth of the sun, the warm breeze, the aquatic birds chirping, the sound of leisure boats.

My friend nearby on the next rock, drawing in the sketchbooks. ( I finished my small commuter sketchbook- yay, now on to the moleskin one I bought a while back).

Walking on the sand, head downward looking for that unique shell, found one.

Becoming mere 'lay-bouts' forgetting the 'To Do List' that said forgetting time and realizing how sun-kissed you've become. Skin red, warm to the touch.
I had fish for dinner, seemed fitting.

Home in the evening, on the couch relaxing with my sketchbook drawing my feet in my pjs. Bedtime soon...
© Heidi Younger


Kat said...

i like the drawing of your friend. he's got quite a long neck, which makes the sketch even more interesting.

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Thanks Kat, yes very long neck, like a giraffe.
Summer Rocks! Hope you're enjoying it too

Stephen Gardner said...

You have beautiful feet, you probably hear that all the time.